Our good Ideas

Welcome to you who will be staying at the Chalet du Pre soon!

The field of Valmorel covers 3600 hectares, from 1 400 to 2 832 meters, 46 lifts, 315 snow cannons for 150 kilometers.

Nestled in the heart of the Tarentaise massif, just 15 km from Moutiers train station, Le Chalet du Pré is at the foot of an authentic Savoy resort with an ideal exposure for snow and sunshine.

Airy tree with many footpaths to explore, Valmorel offers you relaxation and escape with confidence. Perfect to relax …

The apartments are available on Saturdays from 16 am. Departures are scheduled on Saturdays at 10am.

You can contact us prior to arrival in case of problems or if your dates of stay starts a day other than Saturday.

The good idea of the month

For meat and dairy products, do not miss the direct selling of farm Crey “the Edge of the Wood.” It is a little above the hamlet of Pre on the road against Valmorel in the bottom right, every day from 17h30 to 19h.

Enjoy your visit to attend the addresses 18h, the animals rise in the Alpine pastures from early May to late September. An incomparable meat (sirloin / rib / roast beef) and wide range of Tomme, raw milk, hot milk, plain or chocolate, cheese strainers and milk jam.

Direct phone: 06 83 53 47 96/ 06 14 70 11 01

The ski school of Valmorel

The ski school of Valmorel has an annex on the site of the hamlet at the Pre Surface Lifts the Rock.

Classes are organized according to the inscriptions, except for school holidays in February where group lessons for children are held Sunday to Friday from 14h30 to 17h for beginners and flakes (first star test preparation) Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 24h for the first and second star (test preparation for the second and third stars) Private lessons between 12:30 and 14:30.

Adult group lessons are held in Valmorel, possibility of private lessons for adults from the Rock Ski lift.

for any other information, contact Jocelyne E.S.F instructor at or bazinfamily@wanadoo.fr Otherwise Yohan Barru, independent ski and snowboard instructor,, esi.valmorel@gmail.com, www.rider-school.com.

Le Hameau du Pré

Le Hameau du Pré is a pedestrian area, allowing your children to frolic freely in the snow, please once your luggage unloaded, you park the car park at the entrance of Hamlet, which is 60 meters the Chalet.

The sauna is cleaned once a week, thank you for leaving it in the same state of cleanliness you will find it for everyone’s comfort.

Each apartment is equipped with a selection of DVDs and games companies, you can certainly make exchanges with neighboring apartments from yours.

Wifi is freely accessible (by logging into Devolo except the ground floor tile Tarentaise where you need to connect to Chalet du Pré by entering the code provided to you in the welcome booklet)

The shuttle schedules are posted in the lobby, watch out for this season’s schedule will range from 7:00 to 0:30.

To make your arrival, the cottage offers the pre;

  • A traditional dinner of arrival tartiflette, salad and dessert of the season for 20 euros per person delivered hot at the Chalet at the time of your choice at the White Eagle, then if you want to order meals on wheels package starter, main course , serves as the market is 25 euro per person with an order 48 hours in advance.
  • You can also book a breakfast basket for your first morning at the Chalet, the basket will be made jams, mountain bread, butter and cheese, you will be deposited upon arrival at a price of 15 euros. We can also arrange one or more households during your stay and find a babysitter. For bookings thank you kindly contact us

For any reservation please send an email chezmitan@wanadoo.fr or contact Dominique Vilain at 06 88 22 11 48

Our good ideas

The Chalet du Pre gives you good ideas

(If you find any others please share them with us in the questionnaire on departure.)

For shopping

Going up to the cottage of the Pre, you can stop at Super U Aigueblanche, best value in the station and excellent local produce.

At the station

The best bread is unquestionably that of Sleigh, mountain restaurant of St. Francis, a happiness in its purest form and a beautiful walk to ski to do it.

For meat and dairy products, do not miss the direct selling of ferme du Crey « l’Orée du Bois ». It is a little above the hamlet of Pre on the road against Valmorel in the bottom right, every day from 17h30 to 19h

Enjoy your visit to attend the addresses 18h,? Animals rise in the Alpine pastures from early May to late September.

An incomparable meat (sirloin / rib / roast beef) and wide range of Tomme, raw milk, hot milk, plain or chocolate, cheese strainers and milk jam.

Direct phone: 06 83 53 47 96/06 14 70 11 01 06 83 53 47 96 / 06 14 70 11 01

For fans of Beaufort, selling direct to the village of Avanchers on the place of the old town hall, the farm is to the village below Meiller.

For regional products, in the town is “in middle age” of course, the terrine is sublime to the old and preparing for cheese fondue just unforgettable.

For restaurants of the resort, we recommend the ski rock phone: 04 79 09 83 17

If you want a meal more “prominent” we recommend L’Aigle blanc, with its market cuisine and local specialties, the restaurant is located in the heart of the forest on the heights of the Charmette (on request their shuttle will pick you take, for the descent back foot is beautiful, a 15 minute walk). 04 79 09 83 76

Reservations recommended because this restaurant is very successful!

For restaurants at altitude, our favorites:

  • Les Mazots Sleigh of St. Francis (very good meat, duck, gratin and local specialties) and the reward is a beautiful hike to reach it. phone : 04 79 59 10 01
  • L’Altipiano, accessible to pedestrians by the gondola Pierrafort, early getaway on foot or snowshoes, playground for children, beautiful terrace, but the attention the sun appears on the terrace that Altipiano late in the ski season evening torchlight parade
    phone. : 06 60 85 85 22
    phone. : 04 79 09 86 31
  • Le Prariond for the atmosphere (not always discrete), his good humor and his famous descent by torchlight. phone : 06 09 88 44 05 or 04 79 09 87 17

For a break, l'Arbet, the most beautiful view...

For mountain walks, Simond Jean Pascal will take care of organizing your snowshoeing, walking or 4X4, for one morning, one day, an evening and many a night in an igloo …….
Tél : ou

For off-piste, Jean Michel Delomier, Tel. : 06 81 38 73 46, our mountain guide will organize an unforgettable ski safari in Tarentaise, scrutinizing every morning the best route depending on snow and weather.

For dog sledding outings, the departure is at the foot of the clarines 100 metres above the Chalet du Pré, book well in advance with Ludovic at 06 87 33 93 49, escapades.nordiques@gmail.com

For body care, thalassotherapy The Léchère of 12 km Valmorel part is sad but the center is very well equipped and very welcoming hostess very reasonable price.
. Radiana, a 3* hotel resort, has just opened one of the largest spas in the French Alps.
Located in the thermal spa of La Léchère-Les Bains, the O'des Lauzes is supplied with thermal water whose temperature reaches 61° when it comes out of the ground. Its 1500 m2 have been built in an eco-responsible spirit and are entirely heated by geothermal energy.
phone. : 04 79 22 44 16

In case of health problem, please go to the doctor’s office of the village, open daily from 9am to 18pm, the two doctors Eric Chauvin and Christophe Grandjean are very well equipped to face the pains of the whole family .

Ski rental

We had an agreement with Sports Clarines, you will receive from 10 to 20% discount on rental of ski equipment and free access to their ski lift in front of the rock.
phone. : 06 17 72 46 76
phone. : 04 79 09 80 46

When the snow runs out and the lift of the rock is closed, while Murat sports awaits you in front of the Altispace, We have negotiated 10%, the setpoint of your equipment and footwear heaters

In short, our essential experiences of Valmorel:

  • The baba with genepi from the Maryam Bakery
  • Christmas Mass at the Avanchers Mountain Church
  • The fresh and still warm milk of the Orée du bois, treats every evening at 5:30 p. m. The grandmother's terrine from Mitan
  • The dog sled ride
  • The summer beaufort of our region
  • All hamburgers from the Valmorel chalet
  • The delicious lunch on the terrace of the ice pack 2000
  • White eagle dinner instead of lovers

Happy Holidays to all!

Pending find yourself at the Chalet du Pre

I remain at your disposal for further information.


Olivia Allard of Villeguérin